Virtual Experience Spaces for Multiusers –Design of social and live events as XR architecture

The project „Virtual Experience Spaces for Multiusers – Designing Social and Live Events as XR Architecture“ experiments with live sound, light and video inputs as well as well as with an XR architecture, in order to create virtual spaces for concerts, club events and conferences.

On 11.7.2020 the developed room prototypes will be presented from 11:00-20:00.

From 11:00-12:30, the further development of the event industry and possible chances of XR events in the future will be discussed.

From 14:00-15:30 we host a MAB-meetup on Zoom to talk about media architecture in the university context. To attend the events or dive into the rooms, please register via the user pages.

You decided to join our live VR-event! Just fill out the registration form and make sure to check, whether you want to participate via Oculus Quest or Windows. In case you participate via an Oculus Quest, we need to add you as a developer, just register and we will send you an email. Register now! More Information on the Access Page.

Or watch it on YouTube.

Cooperation Partners:

  • HAW Hamburg Faculty DMI, Department of Media Technology, Prof. Dr. Roland Greule
  • Fresenius University. FB Design, Department of Media Interior Design, Prof. Vera Doerk
  • HAW Hamburg Faculty DMI, Department of Media Technology, Prof. Thomas Görne
  • Leonhard Onken-Menke, Sebastian Olariu, BIOSPHERE
  • Coordination and Concept Development: Anke von der Heide, Lecturer HAW Hamburg