The Faculty of Design, Media and Information (DMI) at HAW-Hamburg has been working for over ten years at the intersection of information science, design, media technology and media informatics. It offers knowledge and experience in many applications of digitization and is therefore the ideal place to research new media applications. Due to the increasing importance of VR/AR/MR, the Research and Transfer center FTZ Digital Reality was founded in 2017 to test new forms of collaboration and new working methods in VR/AR projects. Thus, not only new prototypes are created, but companies also experience the advantages of digitalization by practicing them. The students learn the new technologies and working methods in interdisciplinary and cross-university projects. The FTZ Digital Reality is home to the Master’s degree Digital Reality as well as five start-ups of the faculty DMI and two company labs. This provides the opportunity for direct transfer to applied research towards practice and applications.