XRchitecture is a cross-reality event platform that combines virtual and real events for multiusers. Conferences, exhibitions, concerts, light and video mapping installations can be experienced simultaneously in the real world as well as in the virtual world. It allows musicians, lighting designers and video artists to broadcast their performances live into both worlds.

New paths for the event sector

Synchronized interactions and manipulations of performances are possible via common interfaces such as mixing consoles, video mapping software or light consoles. A flexible sculpture lets the visitor look from the real world to the virtual world via an augmentation. This combination of all realities is what distinguishes XRchitecture from other virtual event formats.


The current pandemic has forced the event industry to break new ground. Practical teaching at universities also had to be rethought. XRchitecture evolved from this challenge as a student project and was continued as a research project in cooperation with HAW and AMD Hamburg.

Business Partners

Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin


Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Digital Reality

Am Sandtorkai 27

20456 Hamburg​

Urban Light Culture

Colbestr. 31

10247 Berlin