Participating Universities

The Faculty of Design, Media and Information (DMI) at HAW-Hamburg has been working for over ten years at the intersection of information science, design, media technology and media informatics. It offers knowledge and experience in many applications of digitization and is therefore the ideal place to research new media applications. Due to the increasing importance of VR/AR/MR, the Research and Transfer center FTZ Digital Reality was founded in 2017 to test new forms of collaboration and new working methods in VR/AR projects. Thus, not only new prototypes are created, but companies also experience the advantages of digitalization by practicing them. The students learn the new technologies and working methods in interdisciplinary and cross-university projects. The FTZ Digital Reality is home to the Master’s degree Digital Reality as well as five start-ups of the faculty DMI and two company labs. This provides the opportunity for direct transfer to applied research towards practice and applications. 

The AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Faculty of Design at the Hochschule Fresenius, provides training for creative and business-oriented professions in the creative industries. Students and graduates of the campus Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Munich and Berlin benefit from future-oriented educational offers and a strong practical orientation. The Chair of Media Interior Design is located at the School of Design in Hamburg. Medial Interior Design is part of the curriculum of the course Spatial Design (B.A.), as well as the previous course Spatial Concept and Design (B.A.). The course Spatial Design (B.A.) deals with the design of spaces in all their diversity: interior and exterior spaces, private and public spaces, media spaces and cross reality environments. In applied practical projects, students face the special opportunities and challenges that arise from the integration of media and technologies into space. The focus is on a spatial design that tells stories and allows interaction.

The sound team is a versatile group composed of students from the Time-dependent Media: Sound/Vision Master at HAW Hamburg. The listed students have experience working with sound on a variety of media such as 360°- and traditional film and animation, game sound design and game audio implementation, spatial audio composition, music composition and production, generative audio. Anca-Stefania Tutescu is a game developer and sound artist with a background in computer science. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Time-dependent Media: Sound/Vision at HAW Hamburg. She is leading a cooperation project between HAW and HfMT funded by Hamburg Innovation that seeks to expand music production techniques and user experience of music in virtual reality.

Leonhard Onken-Menke completed his master’s degree at the HAW-Hamburg in May 2020 and wrote his final thesis in the course of studies Time-Dependent Media – Sound/Vision on the topic „Perception and Cognition – Construction of Reality in Digital Art“. As a freelance media artist and VR developer, he has been realising 3D projects in the field of university teaching as well as in a cultural context since 2017, both as part of his studies and on a professional and private basis. Sebastian Olariu is currently studying the Master „Digital Reality“ at the HAW-Hamburg and works as a developer at the Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH). Within the scope of his work, he is involved in the implementation of numerous VR/AR projects, in cooperation with various Hamburg universities, and in conducting webinars and training courses in the field of VR/AR and Unity development.

Anke von der Heide is a curator, media artist, and researcher with an interdisciplinary resume that began with a degree in Visual Communication at the Bauhaus University Weimar (BUW), Urban Design at the Technical University Berlin and Tongji University Shanghai, and a research project in Intermedia Art at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. She is a doctoral candidate with a focus on media architecture and teaches in this area at the BUW, TU-Berlin, Harvard University and HAW Hamburg, among others. Since 2019 she is an artist in the Production Lab of the research project AURORA School for Artists at the HTW Berlin and develops an AR-app for augmenting media facades. Her work in the field of media architecture moves between technology, sociology and public space. Her special focus lies on media content and the medial re-narration of urban space.

The Student Team

Framework Team
Leon Bantin (HAW)
Julie Galach (HAW)
Lennart Krug (HAW)
Sven Maderer (HAW)
Melanie Mischlisch (HAW)
Tilco Suling (HAW)

Lena Löchner (AMD)
Katharine Kordes (AMD)
Mara Wollesen (AMD)

Maximilian Barg (AMD)
Clara Papp (AMD)
Sebastian Stevens (AMD)

Greta Harste (AMD)
Lena Nagel (AMD)
Violetta Vogelsang (AMD)
Joana Weckwerth (HAW)
Tom Milter (HAW)

Projection Mapping
Sophia Mougios (AMD)
Theresa Stenmildt (AMD)
Thorbjörn Ruppel (HAW)
Emma Richter (HAW)
Tom Schneider (HAW)
Shady Malky (HAW)

Alexandra Brunken (AMD)
Marlene Grün (AMD)
Nicole Hellenbrand (AMD)
Jakob Hauenstein (HAW)
Kianosh Momo Kinz (HAW)
Tim Passgang (HAW)
Jonathan Weber(HAW)

Live Conference
Justus Mai (HAW)
Jonas Küpper (HAW)
Christina Jung (HAW)
Julia Biemann (HAW)
Jan Klier (HAW)
Lisa Wichmann (HAW)

Anca Tutescu
Hadi Abilmona
Hoang Hieu Dang
Johannes Ott
Niklas Wienböker
Tania Granada

Leonhard Onken-Menke
Sebastian Olariu

Lena Löchner (AMD)
Katharine Kordes (AMD)
Mara Wollesen (AMD)
Tilco Suling (HAW)

Our Partners

Without other the support of partners we would not have been able to complete this project in this short and exciting time of remote work from our home office: